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Photos by Laura Purvis

Once a government sponsored neighborhood, Cradock still holds stories of its naval roots. The links on this page will help you deepen your knowledge of the neighborhood as it has been shaped by the naval yard, the river, and its residents.


Student Work

Informational Pamphlet [pdf] - Developed by Laura Purvis, UVA Graduate Community Historian, 2008

Map Index - Compiled from the Norfolk and Portsmouth Public Libraries

The Development of Land Uses in Cradock - Research project by Laura Purvis, UVA Graduate Student, completed in Fall 2007

Oral Histories - Interviews with Cradock Residents - past and present: Conducted by Laura Purvis, 2008

Image Bank


Outside Sources

HistoricCradock.org - A great reference for all things Cradock!

Cradock: Virginia's First Planned Community - By Portsmouth government

Cradock High School, Portsmouth, Virginia - An informative site devoted to both the history and current community of Cradock.


Virtual Artifact Wall Images

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John Casteen

Mae Haywood

Robert Hitchings

Without your advice, guidance, and willingness to share your stories, none of this would have been possible. All the best!



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