Demystifying Data Visualization: DEVL.js by Kevin McVey

Since the advent of "big data," designers and engineers have sought to develop powerful tools for the visualization of increasingly complex information. These tools, often successful in providing a window to a user's data, are also often criticized for lack of accessibility--even the most popular data visualization libraries tend to have steep learning curves and require fairly advanced software development skills. Enter DEVL.js ("Damn Easy Visualization Library"), a powerful JavaScript library that takes just about all of the programming out of the equation in order to demystify the development of common visualizations. DEVL.js serves two primary goals:

1) To simplify the development of visualizations to the point that technical / programming experience is no longer necessary.
2) To remain flexible enough to meet a variety of user needs and avoid becoming another specialty tool.

DEVL.js was developed as a part of ARCH5590 and can be experimented with via the DEVL.js dashboard at

The project homepage is

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