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Inside Adobe Illustrator
Working with Files
The Selection Tools
Manipulating Objects
Working with Type
Working with Imported Artwork
Painting in Illustrator
Saving and Exporting Files
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Adobe Illustrator is a standard illustration software package used in the design professions. It will allow you to create detailed vector based artwork and text, giving you a powerfu tool to use in the creation of print media and web graphics. In this tutorial we will introduce you to Illustrator by explaining the tools you need to create basic artwork and page design.

There are several on-line resources available for help and creative inspiration, the most important of which is the Adobe website, http://www.adobe.com. From the homepage you'll find links to a gallery of work done by various artists using Illustrator and other Adobe products. They may provide inspiration.


This resource was originally developed by Kristina Hill at the University of Washington. It was updated by Lyle Solla-Yates in January, 2008.

The information here is appropriate to Adobe Illustrator CS3.

Last updated 2/5/08