The World in the Eyes of the Foreigners [1995-2014]

Notes: Since political campaigns often allege the determination of restoring or improving the country's imgae in the world stage, many are curious about whether these ambitious candidates have achieved their goals. This interactive visualization aims at showing change in three economic indicators over time across different countries. The indicators demonstrated here include Foreign Direct Investment, International Toursim (Arrivals), and Immigration Stock. These three dimensions together can provide good information about a country's power or attractiveness based on how forces outside the country act over the years. This visual allows one to explore these three indicators across 129 countries, and offers a link to a list of treemaps. The treemaps specifically focus on 10 countries and illustrate their relative change during different time period.

1. This is the basic version of this visualization project. It allows vierwers to explore the data for 129 countries in terms of 3 dimensions.
2. When one first approaches to this site, the visual will automatically switch to different countries while presenting their corresponding
Foreign Direct Investment over the years. You can click the buttons for other indicators to explore more dimensions. This functionality
serves as a tool that allows viewers to discover "interesting" patterns when they don't have much clue. Once you find an interesting pattern,
you can uncheck the "Auto Mode" in order to stop this process.
3. By using the drop down menu and indicator buttons, you can explore specific indicator values from 1995 to 2014 for 129 countries.
4. The link below called "Link to Treemaps" will direct you to the second part of this visualization, which narrows its focus on only
10 countries but offers an event table that can help viewer draw connections between political events and individual economic indication.

Link to Treemaps

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