Voter Demographics 2016

The key demographics of the voters across the US is one of the most crucial factor which could determine the winner of an election. In this visualization, we try to understand these voting patterns for the 2016 US Presidential Caucus and Primaries, by state. The user can filter the states along party lines or by a particular demographic to see and compare the candidates performance. The filters are colored based on a genre of the demographic detail, like green for race, blue for population, density,etc,etc. You are welcome to use the interactive filters to analyse the candidate's performace the way you want to, and draw your own conclusions!! To view all the option in one page, set the webpage zoom at 67%
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Trump Total Votes:
Cruz Total Votes:
Rubio Total Votes:
Kasich Total Votes:
Clinton Total Votes:
Sanders Total Votes:
Republican Democrat Five - Way Trump Cruz Rubio Kasich Clinton Sanders Demographic Filters Result type Actual Predicted Black Community Below 10% 10% - 30% Above 30% --> White Community Below 50% 50% - 80% Above 80% --> Hispanic Community Below 10% 10% - 30% Above 30% --> Asian Community Below 5% Above 5% --> Median Income/Family Below $50K Above $50K --> No. of Veterans Below 100K 100K - 400K Above 400K --> Female Population Below 50% Above 50% --> % Graduates Below 28% Above 28% --> Population Density < 100 100-500 500-1K 1000 < --> Population < 6M 6M - 10 M 10M <