visualizations from
Data Visualization
spring 2016

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Voting Patterns Over Time
Jason Adams

The Vocabulary of U.S. Presidents
Prateek Agrawal

Voter Turnout by Demographic
Juan Arrivillaga

zebraPHYS: Auditory neuron visualization
Margaret Bjoring

Campaign Funds 2016
Vishal Chandrasekaran

Demographic Profiles of Candidate Support
Paul Cherian

Student Arrival Times at Data Science Lectures
Donald Chesworth

Can Donald Trump Win the Midwest?
Vijay Edupuganti

Elections and Violence in the U.S.
Carol Ehreth

U.S. Economic Indicators
Kyle Ferris

Crime in New York
Zachary Gelfand

New York City's Building Energy Footprint
Katherine Gloede

Individual U.S. Presidential Campaign Contributions
Dylan Greenleaf

Voter Demographics 2016
Roshan Gurumurthy

Dominion's Dirty Money
Isabelle Han

Polarization and Compromise in the US Senate
Matt Hawthorn

Trip Advisor Hotel Reviews
Adam Jiang

Where the Candidates Stand on Big Social Issues
Ziyuan Jin

Who gets Silicon Valley's Money?
Adam Jones

Taxi Data Analysis
Dong Hyuk Kim

Economic Risk Indicators
James Kim

Word Relevance - Sea Level Rise and Flooding
Fanjia Kong

Measuring media coverage on Presidential Candidates
Savi Kuriakose

Who Feels the Bern?
Jonathan Lazenby

UVA Electricity Analysis
Danny Lee

Opinion Polls: Clinton vs. Trump
Kamwoo Lee

Travel by U.S. Presidential Candidates
Michael Lenart

Income and Voting Behavior
Jason Lewris

Primary Voting
Haoyu Li

Primary Results 2016
Yuning Ling

Data Breaches
Jianzhe Liu

FIFA Balon d'Or Winners
Ziding Liu

Geographical Origins of World Music
Paul McCord

Voter Turnout Across Nations
Kyle McGuire

Stealing Our Bandwidth?
Hope McIntyre

Two Republican Primary Narratives
Mason Mongtomery

Public Opinion Surveys
Allison Moyer

Where are Campaign Contributions Coming From?
Andrew Page

GOP Debate Twitter Sentiments
Sharath Pingula

Student Debt
Brian Sachtjen

2016 Primary Debate Transcripts
Daniel Saha

How to Improve Music Products
Kaustav Saha

What Tree Should You Plant?
Abigail Sandberg

The Makings of a Champion?
Anna Sanfilippo

How Creative is that Presidential Slogan?
Katherine Schinkel

Women in Parliaments and Workforce
Sana Sekkarie

History of US Presidential Election Results
Yiefeng Song

Campaign Finance and Election Outcomes
Gregory Swanson

Drone Delivery
Leslie Tanner

Sentiment Analysis on Presidential Candidates
Wenting Tong

Income vs. Primary Election Results
Yuanbo Wang

Young Voter Involvement
Feiyin Wu

Election Trends 2016
Yuxiang Xiang

What's in your Food?
Jeffrey Xing

The World in the Eyes of Foreigners
Ruisi Xiong

Voter Outcomes from the 2000 Election
Cheng Xu

Voting Demographics
Zhiwei Zhang

States Voting Rates
Zuoyang Zhou